Mindful Life Goals Pack

Align with Your Vision

Meet your new all-in-one digital goal-setting system! This Notion pack is designed to help you intuitively and intelligently define your highest vision and create actionable steps toward achieving your goals. You’ll have four templates that work together seamlessly to realize your vision, set specific goals, build your ideal week, and manage your most important tasks.

Vision Board Planner ~
prompts, checklists, and tools to help you create your very own board that represents your highest vision

Goal-Setting + Yearly Planner ~
allows you to define clear goals, create specific action plans, and track your progress

Weekly Planner + Ideal Week Builder ~
helps you visualize your ideal week and works with your yearly planner to keep you on track

Master Tasks List ~
a task management system that allows you to view all your tasks in one space and archive completed tasks

Detailed walkthrough and  tips to guide you in getting the best use out of your templates!

Upon purchase, you will receive a downloadable PDF that will include the link to access your pack.